Twelve Essays on Terrorism: A VIF Analysis Hardcover
Edited by Lt. Gen Gautam Banerjee
  • ISBN : 9788182749429
  • year : 2017
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In analysing issues confronting the nation, the scourge of terrorism, that has injected a sense of despondency in India, must be one of the prime objectives for any think tank. Study and analysis of this problem is therefore one of the key focus areas among the scholars and venerated mentors in the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF), New Delhi, India`s premier think tank on strategic affairs. Towards that end, the VIF has been engaged in consistent dissection of the phenomenon of terrorism and undertaken to propagate measures that are necessary to protect the societal peace and stability against the lure of terrorism. This book is a compilation of twelve of the essays which have been penned over the past couple of years by the VIF scholars under the guidance of leading strategic thinkers. Each of these essays is representative of one facet of terrorism or the other and accordingly picked to be compiled as one book. The purpose is to dispense, in one volume, various facets of understanding that would play vital role in gaining control of the phenomenon of terrorism.