Towards an Integral Spirituality: Festschrift in Honour of Bishop Dr. D. Sundar Singh's 75th Birthday
Edited by Rev. Dr Samuel Jayakumar and Rev. Dr J A David Onesimu
  • ISBN : 9789351483434
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Foreword / Rev. Dr. Jebaraj Samuel Preface / Rev. Dr. Samuel Jayakumar and Rev. Dr. J. A. David Onesimu A Tribute to Bishop Sundar Singh / The Father Bishop Dr. M. Ezra Sargunam An Encomium about the Most Rev. Dr. D. Sundar Singh / Rev. Dr. D. Arputharaj A Brief Biography of the Most Rev. Dr. D. Sundar Singh / Jayarani Sundar Part 1 Biblical Perspectives 1. Psalm 22 - A Proof Text About Suffering Messiah / T. Aaron Martin 2. A Reflection on Liber Psalmorum / Thomas A. Curry 3. Holy Spirit Movements / Bill Vermillion 4. Sabbath : Rest for Renewal and Restoration / V. Baby Sigamony Part 2 Theological Perspectives 5. No People to God's People : Towards Christian Dalit Liberation / J. A. David Onesimu 6. A Theological Reflection of the Church's Mission in the Liberation of Dalits in India / A. Vincent Thomas 7. Patriarchy and Its Different Forms of Subjugation of Women : A Feminist Analysis / Baby Rani 8. M. M. Thomas' Theology of `Prophetic Spirituality' in the Post-Modern Context / Arpit Simon Mathews Part 3 Historical-Missiological Perspectives 9. Bishop V. S. Azariah : A Pioneer of Christian Unity in South India / Samuel Jayakumar 10. Indigenous Machine for Mission / Kingslee Libin Joel 11. Prayer and Evangelism / S. J. Kingsley 12. Toward an Integration of Missiology in Theological Education in India / K. Vijayan 13. The Use of Biblical Languages in the Context of Cross Cultural Mission / S. Selvin Durai Part 4 Religious Perspectives 14. Political Use of Religion with Special Reference to Fundamentalism and Casteism in India / C. Solomon 15. Various Strategies, Dimensions and Approaches in the Scientific Study of Religion / K. Babu Jeyaraj Part 5 Ministerial Perspectives 16. The Anatomy of the Episcopacy / Edward W. Williamson 17. Shepherding and Caring / R. George Edward 18. The Place of Pastoral Counselling in Palliative Care / R. Paul Sigamony 19. Training and Epuipping the Laity for Fuller Participation in Selected ECI Churches in Chennai / D. Chellappa Part 6 BD Thesis Abstract 20. The Contributions of D. Sundar Singh Towards the Development of Evangelical Church of India, Chennai Diocese from 2005-2016 / J. Megavel Majesty The writings in the book "Towards an Integral Spirituality" have addressed a wide range of relevant biblical, theological, historical-missiological, religious and ministerial issues in relation to integral spirituality in the postmodern context of India. These interdisciplinary reflections on various issues will also provide alternatives in the understanding of `spirituality' as an experience of God in one's encounter with the marginalized and the exploited and in one's ordinary activities of daily life. Bishop Sundar Singh as a Wesleyan scholar, understands `spirituality' in a scholarly as well as in a pietistic manner; and develops his theology of prayer, rootedness in Christ, the mind of Christ, Christian fruitfulness, repentance, forgiveness, inclusivity, soul winning, shepherding and caring. Therefore, this book is an exploration towards an integral spirituality for the pastoral theology, missionary practices and the contemporary theological challenges.