Jain Community of Bundelhand: Socio-Economic and Cultural Change
Prakash C Jain
  • ISBN : 9789388691413
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbounde
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The book analyses the demographic, economic, educational, socio-cultural and religious changes in the Jain community of Bundelkhand that have occurred within the span of two-three generations. For centuries the Jains of Bundelkhand, mainly the followers ofTerapanth Digambar Jainism, have been involved in trade and commercial activities. Their socio-cultural attitude has been characterised by conservatism and religious orthodoxy. However, for the past few decades, mainly due to the impact of modern education this over-all situation has significantly been changing for the better. How, why and to what extent these changes have affected the contemporary Jain community of Bundelkhand is the main focus of this study.It also covers some eminent Jain personalities in different walks of life.It is argued that the economic, educational and occupational aspects of the community have changed relatively much faster than socio-cultural and religious aspects. The readers, scholars and all the stakeholders in the subject may find the book useful.