India and Europe: An Essay in Philosophical Understanding
Wilhelm Halbfass
  • ISBN : 9788120807365
  • year : 2017
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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“Anyone concerned with India and its study stands in Halbfass’ debt.” - Philosophy East and West “Halbfass has written a book which is extremely interesting both for the general reader and for the specialist in Indian philosophy. The first will undoubtedly appreciate the effort made by the author to explain clearly problems and attitudes which are unfamiliar to the European philosophical tradition, whereas the second will learn much from the treatment of many aspects of Indian thought by a scholar who is equally at home in both European and Indian philosophy.” - Indo-Iranian Journal “ ‘Halbfass’ book is a gift to his Indologist colleagues. Due to its comprehensive-ness, thoroughness, and clear delineation of characteristic aspects of the encounter between Europe and India, it is a trusted work of reference. It has prepared the way for a protracted dialogue which should not be historically naive.” - Indian Theological Studies