The 9/11 Generation: Youth, Rights, and Solidarity in the War on Terror
Sunaina Marr Maira
  • ISBN : 9789352804610
  • year : 2017
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Since the attacks of 9/11, the banner of national security has led to intense monitoring of the politics of youth from the South Asian and Arab diaspora in several countries. The 9/11 Generation explores how young people from these communities targeted in the War on Terror engage with the political domain, even while they are under constant scrutiny and surveillance. The book seeks to understand the meaning of political subjecthood and mobilization, especially for South Asian and Arab youth forging coalitions based on new racial and ethnic categories and organizing around notions of civil rights and human rights. It focuses on the possibilities and pitfalls of rights-based organizing at a moment when the vocabulary of rights and democracy has been used to justify military interventions such as in Iraq and Afghanistan. The book describes post-9/11 youth activism through key debates about neoliberal democracy, the radicalization of youth, gender, and humanitarianism.