Sociology of Health and Medicine
Madhu Nagla
  • ISBN : 9788131609330
  • year : 2018
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The book not only addresses postgraduate students but all those who intend to research in the area of sociology of health and medicine. The content and organization of this book are designed to set it apart from other textbooks in medical sociology while retaining its anchor in the mainstream of general sociology. A basic premise underlies this book, namely that the institutions of medicine are a public resource and not the private property of those who practice it. Among the central themes discussed are: approaches and concepts in health care, systems of medicine, physician-patient relationships, health delivery system, health inequality, health policy, health ethics and rights, reproductive rights, environment and health, health technology and health insurance. Each section deals with a basic dimension of health and society, emphasizing the dilemmas and contradictions in attempting to view medicine as public resource. The values, rights and ethical choices faced by the users vis-