Search For Food Security In Asia
Edited by Narottam Gaan, Sandhyarani Das and Aruna Kumar Nishanka
  • ISBN : 9789351282860
  • year : 2017
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Food remains fundamental to the very existence of living beings starting from tiny insects and bacteria to the plants, trees and animals to human beings on this planet. Without food no human civilization will survive on this earth. Had there not been hunger in living beings, the very purpose of creation by God would have been nullified. It is the hunger and necessity of food that plays a pivotal role in human life. But food must be adequate and nutritious for all the people starting from child to the old. With the burgeoning of population on this earth, dwindling of arable land, water scarcity and scarcity of resources the availability of food for all the people on an equitable and equity basis has remained as of today a far away goal. The problem of food crisis has been exacerbated by the climate change due to human interference into the functioning of nature in the name of development and industrialization. What has turned the issue worst is the unequal distribution of food within a country and between and among countries. There are rich industrialized North countries whose food intake and consumption in terms of quantity, quality, nutrition and durability is much higher than that of the poor developing countries. This present book is an excellent compendium of articles received from a host of eminent scholars and experts in this filed who have dealt with various issues of food crisis in general and in the context of Asia.