Maoist Threat in India: A Red Corridor from Nepal to Tamil Nadu
Dr. B.P. Saha
  • ISBN : 9788182749207
  • year : 2017
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The book is not merely a narrative or a pen-picture of the extremist out-fits and their activities in several states in India. Truly, it is an unflinching testimony of the extremist movements, its fast growth in seven states, defection by many leaders, birth of independent out-fits, enthusiastic response from the vast section of neglected, exploited and down-trodden mass, various facets of the movement, inter action with leaders in jail, its initial success and sign of decay, etc, depicted relying on direct evidence. Merger of the CPI (ML) People?s War, and the Maoist Communist Centre (MCC) and formation of the CPI (Maoist) in 2004, gave a forward push to the Maoist movement. Admittedly, It is not a separatist movement but a struggle to establish the People?s Government demolishing the existing social and political order in the so called liberated, Red Corridor. The Union and State governments? insouciance to view it a? law and order problem? failing to assess its direct bearing on socio-economic and political life, stepped up violence and bloodshed and boosted morale of the Maoists. In W B, CPM government?s lofty idea to tackle the movement politically, A P?s appeasing policy, Bihar?s soft line, Odisha?s initial hesitation, Chhattisgarh?s misadventure to counter it raising a parallel outrageous unit (SalwaJudum), lamentably back fired. However, firmness and co-ordination of the governments eventually gave rewarding dividend. Many leaders surrendered and returned to the main stream. Maoists? war chest, leaders keenness for urban comfort, lavish living, wealth amassed secretly, contribution and leadership of fair sex Maoists so long unnoticed and unsung, have been brought to fore free from prejudice for the first time. Swift development in seven states have been discussed analytically in separate chapters. People?s disillusion, security forces success, threat to the national security, sign of decay of the movement, its sombre future, crisis of the leadership have been dispassionately high-lighted from detached angle.