Indian Wildlife Resources:Ecology and Development (Reprint Edition, first published in 1999)
Edited by B D Sharma
  • ISBN : 9788170352020
  • year : 2018
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The book is an edited form of many interesting contributions about the vanishing scenario of Indian Wildlife ecology, conservation and resource development. Several experts have given their contributions in this book on ecology, conservation economic and applied aspects of Indian wildlife resources and their development. Of the special interest are the contributions regarding the eco-diversity of wildlife resources, habitat conservation and management, birds of prey, barn owl ecology and conservation. The text also contains comprehensive contributions on wildlife pests, predators, parasites ecology and also ecotourism. In its present form the book combines the best features of both an invaluable reference and source book on the subject. It provides a base for future researches and also stimulates deep interest for wildlife conservation. It contains essential source material for the students, teachers and the researchers interested in Indian wildlife and Resource development.