India Connected: Mapping the Impact of New Media
Edited by Sunetra Sen Narayan and Shalini Narayanan
  • ISBN : 9789385985027
  • year : 2016
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Can new media help in bringing about development or contribute to social movements? Who is left out of the new media equation? How is the public sphere affected by it? How will it be regulated? Providing answers to these important questions, this book critically examines the growth of new media in India. It looks at how new media can be theorized in the Indian context and offers a perspective on the opportunities and challenges this poses to governance, development, and businesses as well as in social marketing efforts. With the government and the corporate sector?s growing emphasis on ?Digital India?, India Connected creatively delves into various aspects such as digitization, convergence, interactivity, and ubiquity, which are affecting the Indian media landscape.