Cultural Psychology of Health in India Well-being, Medicine and Traditional Health Care
Ajit K. Dalal
  • ISBN : 9789351509806
  • year : 2016
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This book offers a holistic concept of health, encompassing the four major domains such as prevention, treatment, promotion of good health and rehabilitation. It looks at the fast-growing field of research on health and well-being from a cultural psychological perspective, focusing mainly on indigenous Indian practices. It examines health care systems that have evolved in different cultural set-ups, building on prevailing values, traditions and ethos of particular societies. Straddling both theoretical and practical issues regarding illness recovery, maintenance of good health and enhancing the quality of well-being, it also looks at psychosocial barriers in rehabilitation. The study brings together two diverse streams of health care?modern medicine and traditional Indian systems, including Ayurveda, yoga and folk healing?for their complementary roles in providing holistic and affordable health care services in India.