Central Asia: Geopolitics, Security and Stability
Ajay Patnaik
  • ISBN : 9781138215757
  • year : 2016
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Throughout history, Central Asia has formed an important strategic link between the East and the West and been described as the ?great pivot? in the early-twentieth century. This book looks at the relations between the Central Asian states and major external powers. It shows how these nations have kept the fragile geopolitics of the region free of the so-called ?New Great Game?. The volume evaluates the roles of major powers such as Russia, United States, China, Iran, and Turkey, as well as India and its ?Silk Road Strategy?. It also compares the regional geopolitics of Central Asia with its neighbour Caucasus. The study indicates how, despite limited inter-state cooperation, the region has prevented conflicts and wars, due to which these states have been able to enjoy greater strategic autonomy in their dealings with other countries.