Business Environment Text and Cases (Twenty Fifth Edition)
Francis Cherunilam
  • ISBN : 97893552028030
  • year : 2016
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The modern business is placed in a very complex and intricate environment. The constraints and opportunities provided by the nature of the economy and economic system and the economic system, political and legal framework, social systems, geographical and ecological conditions, demographic factors, etc. have profound impact on the business. The type of product to be manufactured and marketed, the marketing strategies to be employed, the way the business should be organized, the technology to be adopted etc. are all influenced by the environmental factors. For formulating appropriate business strategies, one should, therefore, have proper understanding of the business environment. This book is a humble attempt to sketch the various important aspects of the business environment interface. A major part of the work is devoted to deal with the socio-economic and political and legal environment of the business in India. Contents : PART 1 : AN OVERVIEW OF BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT 1. A Glimpse of Business Environment 2. Nature, Scope and Objectives of Business 3. Environmental Analysis and Forecasting 4. Economic Environment 5. Political and Government Environment 6. Natural and technological Environment 7. Demographic Environment PART 2 : BUSINESS AND SOCIETY 8. Societal Environment 9. Social Responsibility of Business 10. Consumer Rights, Consumerism and Business 11. Corporate Governance PART 3 : INDUSTRIAL POLICIES AND REGULATIONS 12. Industrial Policy 13. IDRA and Industrial Licensing 14. Public, Private, Joint and Cooperative Sectors 15. Privatisation and Disinvestment 16. Village and Small Industries 17. Industrial Sickness 18. Price and Distribution Controls 19. Indian Company Law 20. Patents and Trade Marks 21. Competition Policy and Law PART 4 : THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM 22. Monetary and Fiscal Policies 23. Financial Market Structure 24. Money and Capital Markets 25. Stock Exchange and its Regulation 26. Industrial Finance 27. Industrial Financial Institutions PART 5 : LABOUR ENVIRONMENT 28. Labour Legislation 29. Labour Welfare and Social Security 30. Industrial Relations 31. Trade Unions 32. Worker`s Participation in Management 33. Exit Policy 34. Quality Circles PART 6 : ECONOMIC PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT 35. Planning In India 36. Industrial Development Strategy 37. Planning and Development of Agriculture PART 7 : GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT 38. GATT/WTO and Global Liberalisation 39. International Investments 40. Multinational Corporations 41. Globalisation 42. Development and Regulation Foreign Trade 43. Foreign Exchange Management Act PART 8 : CASES 1. Mckinsey`s Agenda for India`s Economic Reforms 2. South-East Asian Economic Crisis 3. Remains of a Dream 4. The Cost of Delay 5. Natural Thrust 6. The Swap 7. A Question of Ethics 8. Different for Gamble 9. III Treatment 10. Human Rights Protection 11. Whose Basmati is it? 12. The Sensex 13. Globalisation of Pop Culture 14. The Environmental Services Business