A Student Handbook of Italian: Learning Italian Through Design
Paola Martani
  • ISBN : 9788124120019
  • year : 2017
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This book is the result of a year of teaching Italian language and culture in India at the GD Goenka SoFD University, Indian branch of the Polytechnic of Milan. Having found myself before a dynamic class, I decided to utilise their skill in design to compile all the Italian notes of the academic year and create a little handbook outlining the main rules of the subject. As a result, this is not an exercise book, but rather a guide to the main grammar rules, vocabulary, and concepts of the history, literature, and architecture of the topic we studied: the main objective of this work is to learn Italian by means of design, explaining the use of the language through graphics. It is a visual way of learning with explanation as it happens in class. I believe, coming as I do from a background of three years as course coordinator and teacher to the Indian public at the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre, New Delhi, that this book will be very useful for any student of Italian who has completed the first step in studying this language. The explanations I have used are very concise, starting from the roots of the language: the alphabet, the main verbs used in daily life (regular and irregular) with all their particularities schematised in a clear way, the nouns, the articles etc, and the main vocabulary useful for any daily situations, with examples of conversation. I really consider this little book to be a nice reminder of the basics of the language and I hope it fulfils this purpose for you.