A Socio-cultural History of The Later Colas (As Gleaned through Epigraphy)
K. Karuppiah
  • ISBN : 9788188934683
  • year : 2014
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The present study is an attempt to give a connected and coherent account of the culture of Tamils, particularly of the period of the later Colas of the Cola country based on Tamil inscriptions. Many new types of information have come to light from this study to understand the various nuances, shades and many finer aspects of the Tamil culture that were hitherto unknown. The book contains eight chapters, viz., administration, law & justice, social conditions, economic conditions, education, warfare, religion, and art & architecture. The information regarding administrative units; the social status of the womenfolk and their voluntary donations made for the purpose of worshipping as well as maintenance of the temple; chronic problem; the importance of education and the subjects studied by the students; the endowments made to the preceptors & the subjects the king who acted as generalissimo of the army and the commanders; temples acted as colossal employers; and an general introduction in regard to the Cola art and architecture are meticulously analyzed and discussed. These information will definitely enrich the scholars to know about the socio-cultural life of the Tamil society to a greater extent.