V.G. Ramachandran\'s Law of Writs (in 2 volumes) (6th Edition With Supplement, 2017)
Revised by C.K. Thakker and M.C. Thakker
  • ISBN : 9789351455233
  • year : 2017
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The fifth edition of V.G. Ramachandran's great classic work 'Law of Writs' has been thoroughly revised and greatly enlarged by the learned Judge and jurist, Shri C.K. Thakker, Judge, the Supreme Court of India. The expanse and coverage of the work has been greatly increased to include every possible nuance of the subject. The additional material is so extensive that the work is now published in two volumes. In his appreciation of the book, Lord Denning has said :- "I greatly admire all the work you have done in bringing it up-to-date. You have done a magnificent work in bringing all this knowledge up-to-date and I am confident that it will be of the greatest use to all the Judges and lawyers of the great country of India, where the rule of law is still well maintained. I am keeping your volume by me and will refer to it whenever a question arises on these important matters. Through your book you have done much to preserve the rule of law and the doing of justice throughout the subcontinent of India. Thank you greatly." ISBN 9789351455233, 9789351455240