VAT: Works Contract and Real Estate Transactions
Dr Sanjay Kumar
  • ISBN : 9789382823612
  • year : 2017
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Real estate transactions are getting more and more attention from all the stakeholders i.e. States, developers or builders and the persons desirous of having a residential accommodation or commercial complex. The levy of VAT in works contracts, particularly building contracts, is a very complex, litigated and debatable issue in taxation laws. As Real Estate Transactions have grown rapidly in the last two decades with high potentiality to grow even more rapidly in the future, the sector has huge revenue potentiality for the State. Therefore, every State is trying to levy VAT as well as stamp duty on such transactions. However, the developers or builders are framing the transactions in ways which enable them to avoid or minimize their tax liabilities. This has resulted in increased litigation between the States and the developers or builders. This book will thus, be of great help in resolving the various disputes and litigations with respect to the levy of VAT in case of works contracts, particularly in real estate transactions. The laws and legal principles discussed in the book is equally relevant even in the GST regime too.