Twelfth Five Year Plan (The Indian Economic Association)
Edited by Sushil Kumar Tandon
  • ISBN : 9788193472569
  • year : 2017
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Twelfth Five Year Plan Contents : Infrastructure Investment in Twelfth Five Year Plan; The Changing Growth in India; Twelfth Five Year Plan and India’s Growth Prospects; Economic Growth and Challenges; India’s Twelfth Five Year Plan to Focus on Inclusive Growth; Challenges in Growth Prospective of Indian Economy; Perspectives of Sustainable Growth of Indian Economy; Growth Prospect of Indian Economy during Twelfth Plan; Twelfth Plan Pegs 8.2% Growth Over 2012-17; Growth Prospects of Indian Economy during Twelfth Plan Period; Inclusive Growth Performance of India during the Twelfth Five Year Plan; Rainfed Agriculture; Performance of Agricultural Sector in India; Twelfth Plan Agriculture Sector in India; Growth Prospects of Agriculture during the Twelfth Five Year Plan; Agriculture, Industry and Service Sector Focus in the Twelfth Five Year Plan, 2013-17; An Approach on Agriculture during the Twelfth Plan; Post-Independence Period Growth in National Income and Poverty Alleviation; Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on India’s External Sector; India’s External Sector and Emerging Challenges; Infrastructure Development in India; Public-Private Partnership; Investment Scenario in Indian Sub-Continent; Foreign Capital; Indian Economy—Multi-Development Goals and Future Challenges during the Planning Periods; Is India Back to the Hindu Growth Rate?