Solar Photocatalysis for Environmental Remediation
Sampa Chakrabarti
  • ISBN : 9788179936603
  • year : 2017
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The book presents a review of research and pilot-scale efforts undertaken by scientists all over the world towards utilization of solar energy for environmental remediation. It gives a complete account of the solar photocatalytic degradation of pollutants present in wastewater and atmosphere and also discusses the solid-phase photocatalytic degradation of plastics in the form of composite. The text further describes the hydrogen generation by photocatalytic water splitting. Various solar collectors and reactors used especially for environmental remediation are also elucidated. Environmental application of solar energy is a highly interdisciplinary subject encompassing chemistry, chemical engineering, photonics, materials science, and environmental science and engineering. This book is an attempt to provide a compilation of research on the degradation of solid, liquid, and gaseous pollutants using solar energy. It will prove to be an ideal text for readers interested in exploring the use of solar energy to remediate environmental problems.