Smart Agriculture: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Technology
Edited by Punyatoya Patra, Roshani Devi and Gaurav Sikka
  • ISBN : 9788131611371
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Smart Agriculture is an effective combination of the ancient agricultural knowledge and use of modern technology, which not only takes care of environment, soil and human health, but also provides food security to the country. The ancient wisdom points towards natural resources based sustainable agriculture with focus on soil fertility, recycling and organic farming. Modern technology and use of sophisticated machinery and ICT facilitate faster and efficient production. Smart Agriculture promotes sustainable increase in agricultural productivity and income, adapting and building resilience to climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The motive of the current volume is to address the problems and prospects of the use of Smart Agriculture. The volume includes scholarly research conducted on the subject. It reviews the diversified issues related to Smart Agriculture and offers solutions for its sustainable development. Divided in three sections, Section 1 deals with the vision of Smart Agriculture; covering different innovative/modern technologies that sustain agriculture in urban and peri-urban areas, vision on Digital India, food distribution system, food security, crop insurance and other grim realities of the Indian farmer. Section 2 provides a roadmap to Smart Agriculture through ten case studies. The last Section 3 has chapters on voices from the grass roots. Illustrated with satellite imageries, maps, photographs and tables, the book will serve as a reference book for the undergraduate and post-graduate students, researchers, professionals and community members with a common goals of ensuring long term sustainable development in agricultural sector. CONTENTS Section 1 – Vision: Smart Agriculture 1. Innovations in Agriculture: Modern Agriculture vis-à-vis Urban and Peri-Urban Areas / S. Chakravorty, J.P. Sharma and Nishi Sharma 2. Digitization: The Beginning of New Era in the Transformation of Rural India / Shweta Rani 3. Food Security in India: Issues and Challenges in the 21st Century / Vishwa Raj Sharma 4. Innovative Technologies and Practices in Agriculture / Rashmi 5. Smart Urban Farming: Future of Agriculture / Mamta Arora and S.K. Bandooni 6. Role of Crop Insurance in Farmers’ Welfare / Harish Kumar Kallega 7. Indian Agriculture: A Generator of Death or a Seed of Freedom / Vivek Tripathi Section 2 – Roadmap to Smart Agriculture: Empirical Case Studies 8. Growth and Variation of Crop Productivity in Orissa / Anirudha Barik 9. Diversification and Mechanization of Agriculture in the Himachal Himalaya / Mamta Sharma and Roshani Devi 10. Rizi Pisciculture of the Apatanis: An Innovative Fish-Farming Technique Practiced in the Rice Paddy Environments of Ziro Valley in North-East India / Kuntal Narayan Chaudhuri and Shreyashi Chaudhuri 11. Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Smart Agriculture Farming System in the Himalayas / Prabuddh Kumar Mishra and S.C. Rai 12. Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Cropping Patterns of Different Crops : A Case Study of Rewari District, Haryana / Prastha Rajoria, B.W. Pandey, and Om Jee Ranjan 13. Analysis of Agricultural Development in Ganga–Sone Divide Region of Bihar: A Micro Level Analysis / Priti Kumari 14. Analysing the Relationship between Yield of Rice and Fertilizer Consumption for Food Security in Odisha / Rajesh Kumar Abhay, Punyatoya Patra, and Deep Narayan Pandey 15. Emerging Challenges and Agricultural Transformation in Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh / Md. Arif Husain, Pankaj Kumar, and Aakash Upadhyay 16. The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture Resources in Punjab: A Tale of Prosperity Decline / Manjinder Sood 17. An Assessment of Status, Impacts and Prospects of Organic Farming in North-East Region, India / Sneh Gangwar Section 3 – Voice from the Grassroots 18. Opportunities in Organic Farming: Narrative from an Organic Farmer / O.P. Dabas 19. Animate to Mechanized Farming and its Diminishing Return / Tejbir Singh Rana 20. Rural India is Real India: Success Story of an Organic Farm from Madhya Pradesh / Arun Dike and Anupama Modi