Rogues Among the Ruins
Achala Moulik
  • ISBN : 9789389136692
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Rogues among the ruins portray the conflict of Civil servants caught between ideals and thirst for success. The novel adopts the style of great masters like Gogol and Cervantes who, in their search for truth, evoke laughter through tears. The first part of the novel is a gripping fictionalised account of the workings of the archaeological survey of India and the painful predicaments of a dedicated but naïve scholar faced with temptations. The scholars son, a morally indifferent bureaucrat, chronicles a later era in the second part. Through tawdry dramas, administrative acrobatics of sycophants and hypocrites, he encounters the sordid reality of powerful men and women who think they rule the country. With sardonic humour, sympathy and reluctant respect the narrator takes the reader on a journey through glory road where principles are discarded by the ambitious, where the proud encounter humiliations, where idealists are scorned, and sometimes those with stubborn strength overcome ordeal.