Public Health System: Vision, Mission and Action (3 Vols)
Prof. (Dr) Hridai R Yadav
  • ISBN : 9789351252122
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This study addresses a wide range of the issues covering Public Health System specially the Vision, Mission and Action in three volumes to fulfil the access of health services to all sections of the society. An effort has been made in the First Volume to analyse the problems of Water Pollution, Water Contamination and Water Borne disease and Public Health status at the grassroot level. The Second Volume of this study explains the Health Policy, Public Health Planning and Implementation Framework, strengthening of Public Health system from National Level, State Level, District Level, Block Level, Village Level with the vision to provide Right to Health. The Third Volume describes the various Public Health Programmes and the Public Health Management System as per norms of the Indian Public Health Standards. This study will be useful for the faculty and students of the Social Work, Community Health, Medical Science and Medical Geography and also the Social scientists who are doing research in the Public Health related issues.