Postharvest Technology of Fruits and Vegetables : Handling, Procssing, Fermentation and Waste Management (2 Vols)
Edited by L.R. Verma and V.K. Joshi
  • ISBN : 9788173871085
  • year : 2016
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The book is a single source reference-cum-text book, offering comprehensive coverage of the subject for agriculturists, nutritionists, food scientists, food microbiologists, food biochemists, horticulturists, fruit technologists, fermentation technologists, and UG & PG students of these disciplines. Spread over 31 chapters in 2 volumes, the book covers various methods of extending the postharvest life of fruits and vegetables viz., storage, packaging, canning, chemical & low temperature preservation, irradiation, fermentation and waste management. It describes the concept, technology and scope of postharvest technology especially in the developing countries. Subject matter is described right from the preliminary to the present level of knowledge in a systematic manner including cultivars, physiology, maturation, ripening etc. The sequence of chapters is logically developed and the book is well illustrated, describing the state-of-art technology. The spoilage behaviour and methods of prevention of the perishables, toxin production, safety, sensory, quality assurance and vitamins, minerals, sugars, pigments, tannis, flavourings and other aspects of chemical composition of fruits and vegetables are delineated. The book summarizes the role of biotechnology in postharvest and illustrates how the processing waste can be utilized or treated. The book also contains a number of references for the readers to quench their thirst