Nano Housing: How a Small House Can Teach the World to Think BIG
Suresh Haware
  • ISBN : 9789388271745
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Many of us think big but fail to micro plan. Others get stuck at micro-planning, missing the 'big picture' of what impacts us nationally and globally. Housing is a basic necessity of human beings across the globe, and not just in India. Affordable housing for the masses is a key challenge for governments and policy makers. In Nano Housing, Dr Suresh Haware brings out a detailed study and offers solutions for the housing needs of India and its states and cities. A path-breaking and time-tested concept, nano housing is the outcome of an in-depth practical research which has the potential to fulfill the dream of the common man-an affordable house at an affordable price. Further, the book addresses the impact of GST, RERA and demonetisation on real estate; analyses REIT, home finance and rental housing; and voices the concern of homeless people, unauthorised housing, redevelopment and many other aspects of housing. An innovative and revolutionary idea, Nano Housing is a must-read for all businessmen in general and professionals, economists, sociologists, officials and policy makers engaged in the housing industry in particular.