MARITAL RAPE: The Indian and Global Perspective
Dr Manish Dalal and Dr Raj Kumar
  • ISBN : 9789388147408
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This book contains an in-depth study, research and analysis of the subject of marital rape. The research in this book is mainly focused on the topic of marital rape and covers a vast variety of facts dealing with marital rape. This book is unique in the sense that it deals with a very sensitive issue of “Marital Rape” in an elaborated manner. This book looks into marital rape through the prism of India as well as the outside world. This book brings into light one of the gravest form of social evil called marital rape, which has existed in the human society since time immemorial and continues to trouble India as well as the other countries of the world even today. The author has covered all the dimensions of marital rape in this book, like the meaning of marital rape, its features, kinds, causes, effects, myths attached with marital rape, comparison between rape and marital rape, marital rape laws in India and in other countries of the world, social and legal perspective on marital rape, law reforms on the subject of marital rape. This book is divided into 7 chapters in all-encompassing various dimensions of marital rape. Contents include: Introduction; Concept of Marital Rape; Marital Rape: Historical and Social Perspective; Marital Rape Laws in Other Countries; Marital Rape Laws in India; Indian Judiciary on Marital Rape; Conclusions and Suggestions.