Kashmir & Kargil: Betrayal, Battles, Beliefs-Choice of the Southern Slope
Ex. Major Manish Bhatnagar
  • ISBN : 9781943851980
  • year : 2016
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Rajwa & Amit sat over drinks. They felt life does not always follow the logical path. What seems right today may appear different with a change of situation & perception. The brigadier who commanded a division in war never became a Major General. The Chief whose conduct of war well fitted the cloak of a Field Martial never got one. The War which saw sacrifices and unsurpassable tales of courage, valour and highest human virtues in its favour had to prove itself to convince some that it was a grand victory for the nation. The people whose ancestors lived on the land since times immemorial walked to their lands on crutches of mercy from the newcomers. The peace which the soldier had retrieved at the barter of his blood, sweat & tears had to be lost again to violence, treachery, deceit & unrest. Colonel Pratap?s words on Pakistani intentions about Kashmir