Anjali Singh and Jaisal Singh
  • ISBN : 9788192158624
  • year : 2016
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JAWAI - Land of the Leopard, celebrates the authors' association with the Jawai region of South Western Rajasthan. SUJ?N opened JAWAI, a pioneering luxury tented camp in this area of sprawling wilderness and culture - a landscape in India, unique for its high density of leopards, who co-exist in close proximity to the villagers and Rabari tribesman they share the land with. The book is a showcase of this area of astounding natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. Jawai is a part of the Godwar region that lies in south-western Rajasthan, between the eminent citadels of Jodhpur and Udaipur - former capitals of the medieval kingdoms of Marwar and Mewar. The area derives its name from the seasonal Jawai River, whose waters flow into and form the Jawai Bandh, one of Rajasthan's largest reservoirs, creating a haven for biodiversity in a rural setting. This book illustrates a pace of life that still exists, sought but seldom found, in today's fast paced world as well as SUJ?N's successful efforts to create a sustainable model for Conservation Tourism which directly benefits local communities and wildlife.