Hidden India: A Journey to Where the Wild Things Are
Latika Nath and Shloka Nath
  • ISBN : 9789332704626
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Hidden India: A Journey to Where the Wild Things Are, is a breathtaking new project featuring over 300 photographs by one of India’s foremost conservation ecologist and photographer, Latika Nath, and writing by journalist, essayist and environmentalist, Shloka Nath. The book showcases extraordinary images of landscapes and wildlife from across India, many of which are now critically endangered. It also features writing examining one of literature’s most rewarding and enduring themes: Our relationship with Nature. It speaks of breathtaking vistas and mythical creatures. It is a testament to that which endures, to the wonder of life. The tigers that appear in the bushes when you least expect them, the birdsong of the peacock, the call of the Cheetal (spotted deer), the gush of wind through the trees, the enigmatic turtles in the blue waters of the Andamans, the serrated mountains of Ladakh—our planet contains more mystery, love, and beauty than the human heart can possibly hold. Life is after all, a journey to where the wild things are.