Handbook of EQUINE Practitioner Hardback
Dr R K Dedar, Prof (Dr) A P Singh, Dr Sanjay Ravi, Dr Yashpal, Dr R A Legha and
  • ISBN : 9789386110664
  • year : 2018
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Contents: 1. Brief introduction of horse. 2. General management and handling of a horse. 3. Horse feeding and nutrition. 4. Lameness and laminitis in horse. 5. Disorders of digestive system. 6. Hepatic disorders of horse. 7. Disorders of cardiovascular and circulatory system. 8. Disorders of respiratory system. 9. Reproductive disorders. 10. Disorders of skin and eyes. 11. Viral diseases of horses. 12. Bacterial diseases of horses. 13. Protozoal diseases of horses. 14. Parasites. 15. General systemic conditions. 16. Drugs and their therapeutic indications. This book is compiled to provide key information of equine field to the equine veterinarians. Focus of the book is common equine health problems occurring in tropical and subtropical climatic conditions especially India. Apart from some important equine diseases which are not present in India, most of the diseases addressed in the book are based on authors