Environment, Agriculture And Sustainable Development: The Mother Earths Concerns
Anil Kumar De and Debabrata Dasgupta
  • ISBN : 9788193467367
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The very problems of our 'Mother Earth' are multidimensional covering a very broad canvas. Such problems are spread over multicultural--crossing across the national boundaries. In true sense, maladies of our 'Mother Earth' are actually global. Hence, it has to be viewed and nurtured accordingly. Its problems and their concomitant consequences are to be mitigated very cautious way. Entire perspectives are to be examined globally. Real solutions to all these issues are to be tackled locally. Here, the principle of 'Think Globally and Act Locally' would be the real answer. The entire book covering three interrelated parts have dealt the overall environmental issues from global perspectives and ultimately drawn ameliorative/corrective measures with Indian scenarios in particular. Chapter Includes: PART A: ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERN Mother Earth, Air Pollution, Hydrosphere, Lithosphere, Biosphere, Noise Pollution, Population and Natural Resources, Energy and Environment, Environmental Education and Movements. PART B: AGRICULTURE Agriculture, Land-based Agro-Enterprises, Technology based Farming, Ecosystems, Eco-Friendly Technologies, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Human Rights (Hrs), Man in Environment, Conservation of Environment and Futuristic Outlook. PART C: APPENDIX