Entresutra: On the Shoulders of Foxes: A Hedgehog on Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Soumodip Sarkar
  • ISBN : 9789386826329
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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As entrepreneurship and innovation becomes the new corporate and societal mantra, this book peers through known wisdom, glancing back and looking forward to what entrepreneurship and innovation mean, unravelling key ingredients for success. Covering a vast and complex terrain, the book uncovers six pillars that determine entrepreneurial success, providing insights stringed together from different fields of knowledge, as well as the author's own experiences, to narrate a compelling and realistic account. While each of these pillars constitutes a story in its own right, taken together, a fabric is woven that permits the reader to appreciate the entrepreneurial journey, drawing lessons for one's own endeavours as Aha! moments are encountered along the way. The book is also intended for corporates to understand how innovation unravels, for understanding the need for balancing conflicting goals as well as the importance of promoting entrepreneurship from within. EntreSutra will whet the appetite of the curious, and help demystify the essence of creation.