Digital Electronics: Logic and Design
Cherry Bhargava
  • ISBN : 9789388305464
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Contents: 1. Number System. 2. Combinational Logic System. 3. Combinational Logic Circuits. 4. Sequential Logic Systems and Circuits. 5. Digital Logic Families. 6. Semiconductor Memories. 7. Programmable Logic Devices. 8. A/D and d/A Converters. This book is designed to meet the syllabus requirement of the B.Tech /B.E. course as per AICTE new syllabus. It comprehensively covers all the basics of digital electronics, its logic and design, along with real time applications. The concept of digital electronics is demystified in a lucid manner. Based on the author's extensive experience in teaching digital electronics to undergraduates, the book translates theory directly into practice and presents the essential information in a compact and digestible style. The book has been systematically organized and assist the students to understand the fundamentals of digital electronics, using simple but constructive language and solved examples. This book is a self-sufficient resource for GATE aspirants as well as cracking the interview. This is essential reading for any electronic or electrical engineering student new to digital electronics and requiring a succinct yet comprehensive introduction. Salient Features: · Basics of digital electronics are elucidated and elaborated. · More than 450 solved examples along with more than 300 practice questions. · Rules for various conversion and design problems. · Previous year GATE questions. · Real time examples and applications of digital circuits and systems. Digital design using Verilog HDL.