Dictionary of Local Botanical Names in Indian Folk Life (Guide to over 26000 tribal and rural local names documented in sixty years Ethnobotanical research) (Hardbound)
Vartika Jain and S K Jain
  • ISBN : 9789383692514
  • year : 2017
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Field workers in ethnobotany and anthropology come across different local names of plants in different regions and localities and find it difficult to relate them with their botanical identity. The present book covers over 26000 tribal and rural local names documented from original research papers based on field work in the country in the last sixty years and provides corresponding botanical identity of the plants. Most of the local names are endemic to small regions and different from common Hindi or regional names. This book will solve a long standing problem for field workers especially non-botanists and ground level scholars and also sociologists, anthropologists, philologists, ethnographers, geography scientists, rural developmental officers, forest officers, cooperative society, NGO