Dalit Pastoral Ministry: A Training Manual
John C.B. Webster
  • ISBN : 9788184653366
  • year : 2013
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Rs 125
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“The Dalit Pastoral Ministry Training Manual is a great resource for those attempting to pursue a more relevant and meaningful pastoral ministry among Dalit Christians. It has a very practical approach without being shallow, enabling dioceses and institutions to conduct workshops for Pastors among Dalit Christians. Individual pastors and social workers among Dalits will also benefit from reading the manual and can find many insights that they can put into practice in their ministry.” Dalit Pastoral Ministry provides both a practical training model and some valuable resource materials for church leaders and theological educators to use in training clergy and lay leaders in pastoral ministry to Christian and other Dalits. It is based on two important premises. The first is that, because of the history of untouchability they have had to endure, Dalits—whether in Dalit or mixed congregations—have special spiritual needs and struggles which other Christians do not have. The other is that pastoral ministry to Dalits cannot be a ministry of the pastor alone, but must be a ministry of the congregation as a whole if it is to be healing and empowering. Dalit Pastoral Ministry and the Kolkata workshop that produced it have been built upon earlier works, The Pastor to Dalits (ISPCK 1995) and From Role to Identity: Dalit Christian Women in Transition (ISPCK 1997) as well as upon many prior workshops with pastors and lay leaders.