Cyber Risk Management: Lessons, Challenges and Solutions
Chitra Lele
  • ISBN : 9788126929498
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Most people have a nebulous notion of cyber risk management; hence, they have limited knowledge about it and are not able to come together to curb the unprecedented wave of the global crisis of cyber risks. Organizations need to wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late. This is where Cyber Risk Management: Lessons, Challenges and Solutions steps in to fill these gaps in knowledge. This book will take the readers beyond the myopic view and help to demystify cyber risk management. The book will serve as a practical guide for top-tier leaders, senior executives, cyber risk professionals, employees and end-users to understand the deeper dynamics of cyber risk management. Whether you are just starting out with your cyber risk management strategy or are in the process of upgrading it, this book will provide a doable roadmap with appropriate signposts for you to reach the destination of effective cyber risk management. The book is divided into three main sections through which it covers all aspects of cyber risk management: apart from dealing with fundamental topics like the introduction to cyber risk management and cyber risk causes, the book also provides comprehensive information about the cyber risk landscape today, cyber risk concerns and costs, and cyber risk perceptions; major dynamics like global cyber crisis, types of cyber risks, a cyber risk-aware culture, and cyber risk drivers are dealt with in details; it also elucidates the details of preparation and response, compliance versus exposure, cyber risk insurance, and risk mitigation strategy and framework; the next generation cyber risks and cyber risk management are discussed, and emerging cyber risk trends (cloud platform, IoT, etc.) and how to deal with them by increasing cyber risk maturity is also explained; and much more. This book is a genuine attempt to help organizations and their teams to build a cyber risk-aware culture and improve their resilience against new cyber attack vectors in the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.