Courts on Military Law (Third Revised and Enlarged Edition 2020)
Col G K Sharma and Col M S Jaswal (Retd)
  • ISBN : 9789388147200
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The first edition of this book was published in the year 2006, which received an overwhelming response from the users and the stocks exhausted much earlier than it was expected. In the meantime the “Armed Forces Tribunal Act, 2007” was passed by the Parliament to facilitate speedy justice to the Armed Forces personnel. In order to honour the demand of the users and valuable suggestions received from time to time, a revised and updated “Second Edition” was published by the Authors in the year 2010, with additional references and case law. Since the publication of the Second Edition, several thousand cases have been decided by various Benches of the Armed Forces Tribunal/various High Courts and the Hon’ble Supreme Court. The authors have included most of the important rulings pronounced, for which, the Authors deserve to be commended. The rulings are not only limited to the provisions of the Army Act and Army Rules with regard to disciplinary matters but also matters, relating to Promotions, Pay and Allowances and various other rights of person in Uniform. The present compilation shall be of great help to the Commanders/Staff at all levels dealing with day to day legal/promotion/pay and allowances and other administrative matters. The book in its present form shall also be of great assistance to the Bench and the Bar. A reading of the book will give a deep insight into the whole gamut of the complicated nature of the study and practice of Military Law to the student. The judgements have been printed under various sections of the Army Act and Army Rules as per years of their pronouncements, the latest being in the end. The chapter on Pension cases has been revised by including additional case law and by structuring it in the following parts for the convenience of the readers: (I) Pensions Regulations; (II) Disability Pension; (III) War Injury Pension; (IV) Family Pension; and (V) Special Family Pension. A section-wise index has also been added for convenient reference.