Corridors of Intelligence: Revealing Politics
D V Guruprasad, IPS
  • ISBN : 9788170495550
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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In this book, the author recounts his interesting experience with many Chief Ministers of Karnataka whom he served as Head of the State CID and State Intelligence Wing for a long period. Apart from exposing the unwarranted roles played by many political leaders purely in their self-interest, Dr Guruprasad throws light on how the Congress-JD(S) coalition government fell paving way to the JD(S)-BJP government in 2006. He has also recounted his experiences of dealing with VIP Security. … Corridors of Intelligence: Revealing Politics is a timely offering by Guruprasad on the vital role played by State Intelligence department in ensuring public safety and security at all times.… The task of a State Intelligence Chief is certainly not one of envy, it is tough, hard and unending. It relies on several professional and personal qualities, ability to create networks across the spectrum, to be able to reasonably predict threats and challenges to public safety and security and above all ensure stability. The book attests to all above. – PM Heblikar, Special Secretary (Retd), Cabinet Secretariat (R&AW) Was Intelligence failure responsible for the fall of the first coalition government in Karnataka in 2006? No, says DV Guruprasad, the Chief of Intelligence who served that government. He vividly details the factors that made the government between disparate partners shaky from its very beginnings, apart from mentioning how exactly such a government came to be made in the very first place. Narrated in a very objective manner with a simple and lucid style, this book gives pen portraits of many national and international leaders whom the author keenly observed. The book should interest anyone who loves history and politics and should be a pointer to the current coalition government of Karnataka formed by the same Congress and JD(S) parties once again.