Compiler Design
Sudha Rani S , Karthi M and Rajkumar Y
  • ISBN : 9789385909658
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Lexical Analysis. 3. Syntax Analysis -I. 4. Syntax Analysis - II. 5. Syntax Analysis - III. 6. Syntax Directed Translation. 7. Runtime Environment. 8. Type Checking. 9. Symbol Tables. 10. Code Optimization. 11. Optimization Notion - I. 12. Optimization Notion - II. 13. Optimization Techniques. 14. Optimization Tuning Techniques. 15. Early Optimization. 16. Loop Optimization. 17. Control Flow and Low Level Optimization. 18. Advanced Optimization. 19. Assembler and Code Generation. 20. Code Generation and DAG. 21. Peephole Optimization. 22. Interprocedural Analysis. Index. This book addresses problems related with compiler such as language, grammar, parsing, code generation and code optimization. This book imparts the basic fundamental structure of compilers in the form of optimized programming code. The complex concepts such as top down parsing, bottom up parsing and syntax directed translation are discussed with the help of appropriate illustrations along with solutions. This book makes the readers decide, which programming language suits for designing optimized system software and products with respect to modern architecture and modern compilers.