China in India
Abhijit Bhattacharyya
  • ISBN : 9788173071720
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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China! why? Because, China is in India since 1950s, when for the first time in 1957, a gullible and virtually clueless India detected the illegal construction of a road, by China, through Indian state Jammu & Kashmir's Aksai Chin region. This happened much before the existence of any bona fide cause of action for China to go inside, and violate sovereignty of India. China's problem was China's own creation and not the creation of India. Earlier too, China had shown her colour by forcibly entering and occupying Tibet in 1950. Fast forward to October 1962. China attacked where Bhutan, Tibet and India meet. War was followed by China-instigated and masterminded tricks to set various tribal belts of North-east India on fire. As if that was not enough. State of Indian Bengal was the next target, carefully chosen as hunting ground of Mao's ideology with a sizeable Indian Hindu Bengalis operating as foot soldiers of the Communist Party of China, deep inside India. Today, China is again deep inside India; through commerce, economics, finance and industry. China will flourish at India's expense. India will be declining for failing to understand China. See the west and the weak nations around. Apparently fruitful though it may look, those who have studied Chinese for years, will tell you, India is destined to be doomed. I, as Indian Hindu Bengali, have seen China in Indian Bengal. Yesterday was ruined North-east India and the eastern state of Indian Bengal. Tomorrow will be the turn of the rest of India.