Changing India (5 Volumes in 6 Parts Set)
Manmohan Singh
  • ISBN : 9780199483563
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Vol. I. India's Export Trends and the Prospects for Self-Sustained Growth
Vol. II. Early Thoughts on Trade and Development
Vol. III. The International Economic Order and the Quest for Equity in Development
Vol. IV. Economic Reforms 1991 and Beyond
Vol. V. The Prime Minister Speaks (Part I)
VOL. V. The Prime Minster Speaks (Part II)
This set of five volumes documents the work of Manmohan Singh, an academic, a policymaker, and a politician who has had a deep impact on India and its economy. The volumes offer his selected speeches, articles, and interviews, starting from the 1950s, when he was in the academia, through the 1980s and 1990s, when he was India's finance minister, to 2004-14, when he was the prime minister of India.