Brahmavaivarta Purana Pt. 2 Prakrti Khanda (Book-2) (Ancient Indian Tradition And Mythology (Vol. 79)
Translated and Annotated by G P Bhatt
  • ISBN : 9788120840324
  • year : 2017
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Part III, i.e., Ganapatikhanda narrates many legends about Ganesa, the elephant-headed god, widely worshipped throughout India and even outside. Though named Ganapatikhanda, this part deals with the birth and life of both sons of Siva, viz., Ganesa and Skanda Karttikeya. According to this Purana, Ganesa is also a manifestation of Krsna. Hence, there is no mention of Ganapatya sects who worshipped Ganesa as the Supreme Godhead. The variations in the images of this deity, found in literature and on icons find no mention in the Purana.