Bhaaratiya Arthavyavastha ka Sankraman Kaal: C T Kuriyan ke Sammaan Me Nibandh-Sankalan (Hindi)
Edited by S Janakarajan, L Venkatachalam and Rathinasamy M Saleth
  • ISBN : 9789353285999
  • year : 2019
  • language : Hindi
  • binding : Hardbound
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Although India’s growth experience is well documented, the issues and implications that have emerged both in the general and at the sectoral contexts during and after the transition process remain a major area for policy concern. This volume, published in honour of C.T. Kurien, provides a scholarly assessment of India’s growth performance and its implications over the last decade and a half. Examining the key features of India’s economic development, the volume addresses critical issues such as food inflation, agricultural performance, labour markets, social infrastructure, climate change, governance, poverty and disparity. It showcases the mutual impacts of economic growth on society and ecosystem. The volume identifies the growing problems of farmers’ suicide, food and labour insecurity, corruption, governance gap, caste discrimination and environmental degradation, among others, as key challenges of Indian democracy, suggesting policy changes and governance reforms both in the national and sectoral contexts.