Basics Of Horticulture: 3rd Revised And Expanded Edition (As Per Revised ICAR Syllabus)
Edited by K V Peter
  • ISBN : 9789386546524
  • year : 2018
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The present revised edition has 16 chapters including 10 appendices. 42 scientists from seven Institutes, States Agricultural Universities and 2 organizations have contributed to the 3rd revised edition. A village market has now all kinds of vegetables, fruits, tubers and ornamentals which vouch for progress in the science and art of horticulture. Many educated youth are taking up Horticulture as a profession. Basic sciences like physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology, bioinformatics and economics are adding to the understanding of horticultural crops. New To 3rd Edition: 01. 5 chapters of floriculture and landscaping 02. Information on newly released varieties of all horticulture crops 03. Colour photographs 04. Updated data and references