Basic Stereochemistry of Organic Molecules
Subrata Sengupta
  • ISBN : 9780199492213
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Contents: 1. Symmetry in Molecules. 2. Dissymmetric Molecules. 3. Stereoisomerism of Chiral Molecules. 4. 960; and Ring Diastereoisomerism. 5. Conformation of Acyclic Organic Molecule. 6. Conformations of a Few Cyclic Organic Molecules. 7. Dynamic Stereochemistry. 8. Conformational Analysis of Cyclohexanes. 9. Pericyclic Reactions. 10. Stereochemical Aspects of a Few Important Organic Reactions. The second edition of Basic Stereochemistry of Organic Molecules fulfils the requirements of undergraduate chemistry (Hons) course and provides the fundamental concepts of both static and dynamic stereochemistry. It is also useful for postgraduate students as a preliminary text on the subject. The explanation of concepts in each chapter is supported with adequate number of illustrative diagrams and a large number of solved and unsolved problems, to facilitate easy understanding of even the complex mechanisms by self-study.