Asanga's Mahayanasamgraha: Chapter III Translation and Tibetan Text
Watanabe Chikafumi
  • ISBN : 9788124607190
  • year : 2014
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Mahayanasamgraha is one of the most important texts of the Yogacara School of Mahayana Buddhism. In this text, its author, Asanga, developed and systematized the Yogacara philosophy and praxis. This volume presents an English translation of Mahayanasamgrahas third chapter which discusses the bodhisattvas entrance into the defining characteristics of what is to be known, i.e. the realization of vijnapti-matrata. The translation is based on the Tibetan text edited by utilizing and consulting all available Tibetan editions sde dge, Co ne, Peking, snar thang, Taipei, Lamotte, Yamaguchi and Nagao. This volume also contains English translations and Tibetan texts of the selected passages in the commentaries of the text, i.e. Mahayanasamgrahabhasya by Vasubandhu and Mahayanasamgrahopanibandhana by Asvabhava. The translation of the texts in this volume aims to advance a scholarly understanding of praxis, and the relation of the practical and philosophical theories described in the third chapter of Mahayanasamgraha and its commentaries