An Economist’s Miscellany: From the Groves of Academe to the Slopes of Raisina Hill
Kaushik Basu
  • ISBN : 9780190120894
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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‘Philosophy has to be deductive, poetry romantic, plays and fiction humorous, and politics intriguing if they are to catch My attention,’ writes Kaushik Basu. All these interests are on display in an economist’s miscellany, which brings together an eclectic collection of writings on the world of academe, politics, policy, travel, and more. This book offers unique glimpses of the authors engagement with the world: his opinions on contemporary policies and economic issues; his exploration of different parts of the world; and his reflections on people, ideas, and books that have influenced him. An economist’s miscellany also puts on display his literary forays—translations of two hilarious Bengali short stories and a four-act play on academe, love, and cultural misunderstandings. This second and much-expanded edition of the book features a new set of essays that reflects the authors dual perspective of the world: one from the groves of academe and one from the policymaker perch. In the world of policymaking, he was not just an observer but an active participant, and many of the new essays dwell on ideas gathered from this hands-on engagement.