A Theological Response to Special Economic Zones and Livelihood in India
M. J. Thomas.
  • ISBN : 9789351480525
  • year : 2015
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The book mainly discusses the pittalls of dominant economic paradigm, in which one of the major policies that has accelerated neo-liberal economic agenda is Special Economic Zone (SEZ). It brings into limelight the adverse influence of SEZ especially on the livelihood of Small Farmers and Agricultural Labourers. Because of SEZ they can no more have access to land, water and forests which provides them life sustaining products. Based on facts and figures, the author asserts that creation of SEZ in India is mainly at the cost of farming land and livelihood of farming communities. This book brings out the intensity of the destruction caused through empirical evidences based on the field studies done by the author in two States, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. This eye opener research work is meant not only for policy makers but also for lay people to make them understand the negative side of SEZ, though they were introduced for economic growth. The main agenda of biblical theological understanding of the economy is to ensure livelihood to each and every person. So, the author aims to study the impact of SEZ. vis-a-vis biblical theological understanding by supplementing Appendices and providing a detailed Bibliography at the end to amplify the radius of readers' understanding.