A Theological Reflection on War and Peace : God Never Allows War
L. Seikholen
  • ISBN : 9789351482055
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This book attempts to prove that God would never allow human beings to kill or fight as enemies to each other. This meritorious work tries to clarify that there are two apposing views on the war or killing or violence in the Bible. Passages in the Bible which supports God's permission for war are disproved as views of human writers. Passages which oppose war/killing are pointed out as truths similar to God's truth. The book presents the probable truth that is meant to satisfy all open minded theologians. Contents Preface Introduction Part 1 Critical Study of Passages which Supported War/Killing 1. Abraham's War with the Enemies 2. A Study of Moses' Killing an Egyptian 3. Israelites' War with Enemies Do not have any Divine Permission 4. Judges' War with Other Nations Have no Divine Permission 5. Kings' War with Other Nations Do not Prove Divine Permission for War 6. Holy Wars 7. Consultation of Prophets and God 8. The View that God Punishes Nations by Means of Wars 9. Human Beings Made God in their Own Images Part 2 Negative Biblical Views to War/Killing/Violence 10. Negative Attitude to War/Killing in the Pentateuch 11. Negative Attitude to War/Killing in the Historical Books 12. Negative Attitude to War/Killing in the Book of Proverbs 13. Negative Attitude to War/Killing in the Prophetic Books 14. Negative Attitude to War/Killing in the Teachings of Jesus 15. Negative Attitude to War/Killing in other Book of the New Testament 16. Bad Effects of War/Killing Part 3 A Theological Reflection on War and Peace 17. The Love and Care of the Creator and Saviour of the World 18. God is the God of all Nations 19. God is One 20. God is the God of Peace 21. God is the Non-Resistant God 22. God is Parent of All 23. All Human Beings are Brothers and Sisters 24. A Prophetic Vision of the Peaceful World in the Future 25. The Place of War in the List of Sins 26. A Re-Examination of Isreal's Election Part 4 Christians' Participation in the Military Service 27. A Study of Christian's Joining Military Service 28. Christian Life and Military Services 29. Christians Should not Join Military Service 30. Christian Discipleship and Military Service 31. Right Approach to the Goal of Liberation 32. Means and Ways to Achieve Permanent Peace in the World 33. The Wisdom and Foolishness of Prdoducing and Using Nuclear Bombs 34. Wisdom will Bring an End to War and Nuclear Weapons 35. Gun-Culture will come to an end when Nations will be willing to Beat Swords into Plowshares and Spears into Pruning Hooks Conclusion Bibliography