A Study of House Church in India: Missiological Role of House Churches via Social Interdependence in the Urban Context
Dr. Hyoshin Jeong.
  • ISBN : 9789351482710
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The book is meant to analyze and evaluate the house churches to which, the author maintains, as a proper mission strategy method to evangelize and catechize migrants and locals in the urban context in India. This learned work studies the house churches as His agency in the `missio Dei'. It attempts to show how God has worked in India through house churches and how the house churches have responded to His work. This study answers the pertinent question: In what ways does the house church in the urban context evangelize and catechize migrants and locals into God's family? Contents Acknowledgements Abstract Illustrations Tables 1. Introduction 1. Missiological Research Concern 2. Research Concern 3. Missiological Rationale for Choosing this Research Concern 4. Personal Ministerial Experience Guides the Research to this Research Concern 5. The Research Concern over time as Described in the Literature 6. Recent Reports for the House Church Planting Project : Case Studies 7. Research Context 8. Research Problem 9. The Statement of the Research Purpose 10. Research Questions 11. Preliminary Approach for Carrying out the Research 12. Delimitations 2. Biblical and Theological Considerations 1. Jesus and `Oikos' 2. Jesus' Ministries and Houses 3. The House as Mission Outreach Model 4. The Book of Acts 5. House Churches in Pauline Writings 6. Theological Considerations of the House Church 7. Leadership within the House Church and Its Roles 3. Contributing Literature 1. Architectural Theory on the House Church 2. Social Network Theory of Groups and Individuals in Roman Society 3. Social Interdependence Theory 4. Biblical Aspects of Inderdependence as a Worldview 5. House Church Planting Model 6. Worldview 7. The Obstacles of a House Church 4. Research Design 1. Nature of the Study 2. Description of How the Study was Carried Out 3. A Description of Data Analysis 5. Research Finding 1 : Interdependent Relationship 1. Interdependent Relationship and Leadership in the House Churches 2. Interdependent Relationship and Evangelism in the House Churches 3. Interdependent Relationship and the Practical Meaning of House Church 4. Application of Theoretical Premise for Research Question 1 6. Research Finding 2 : House Church Model 1. The House Church Image (Model) : Before Starting Church Planting 2. The House Church Images (Models) that Emerged after Church Planting Started 3. The Present Image of House Church 4. The Future Image of House Church 5. Application of Theoretical Premise for Research Question 2 7. Research Finding 3 : House Church and Worldview Change 1. The Understanding of the House Church Pastor for the Factors of Worldview Change that Migrants and Locals faced 2. Evangelism of House Church to the Hindu Migrants and Locals 3. House Church Programs and Activities that Provide Spiritual Needs for Migrants and Locals 4. The Elements of Hinduism in the House Churches 5. Application of Theoretical Premise for Research Question 3 8. Research Finding 4 : Obstacles in the House Churches 1. Inner Difficulties 2. Outer Difficulties 3. Practical Meaning of the House Church in Obstacles 4. Application of Theoretical Premise for Research Question 4 9. Research Conclusions Appendices Bibliography Glossary