A Soldiers's Faith: Country Before Gods
Colonel Ajay K Raina, SM
  • ISBN : 9789382711698
  • year : 2017
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At a time when people wear their faith on their sleeves and are ready to attack each other in the name of religion, the armed forces offer an island of hope. A soldier does not die for his religion but for the pride of his regiment which is invariably associated with pride of the nation. A Soldier?s Faith is replete with folklores, legends, and some true stories of soldiers? bravery and courage that have been shaping the faith system of Indian troops for decades.Whether a soldier is able to recite a hymn or a prayer properly or not does not make a difference, as long as he is able to align himself with his regimental war cry. The question is?if our army has been able to evolve its faith that unifies all religions, why can?t our countrymen, or for that matter, the citizens of a globalised world not do it?time, really, is running out.